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When the time comes to choose the kitchen or bathroom counters, do not skimp on the quality and turn to people who have expertise in this area. This is the case of the company Dioptase Surfaces Naturelles Inc. who works in the sale and processing of Granite and Quartz for all inner surfaces, in the residential and commercial sectors. In order to meet the tastes and expectations of its customers of City

The company also specializes in the manufacturing of countertops of porcelain, vanities, tables, water frames and fireplaces made from high-end materials. Concerned about meeting the needs of its clientele of City, the team is constantly looking for new trends concerning different surfaces within the reach of consumers.

Although the company offers its services to residential and business customers, the owner wishes to promote as much as possible the residential sector to enable its customers of City to minimize their costs by avoiding an intermediary.

One of the benefits of this company is, without a doubt, the fact that she sells her products and services directly to the customer. In this way, they can benefit from a better price.

The company is also committed to offer first quality customer service, because it is a guarantee of success. This is why the range of products and services meets the needs of consumers, the quality-price ratio is advantageous, team of competent professionals and not to mention an excellent after-sales service, which has been proven over the years.


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We work with the best quality materials for your projects: we use quartz, granite, porcelain and marble.

We work with the best quality materials for your projects: we use quartz, granite, porcelain and marble.

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