Dioptase Surfaces Naturelles was created by Rahim Ouda, a natural stone manufacturer, who started his business with GRANITE GRIFON. Driven by his passion to bring innovative architectural and design concepts to his clients, guide them throughout the renovation process and while making sure to use the best performing products.

With 14 years of experience in the industry, Rahim began working for General Electric as a site engineer, working for Granite Grifon as design and production manager. Dioptase Natural Surfaces immediately started working on residential and commercial construction and renovation projects.

Quickly known for their superior quality, work ethic and design knowledge, Dioptase Natural Surfaces projects are expanding to include large-scale commercial construction projects, including public and federal works. The superior knowledge of Dioptase Natural Surfaces and the application of the latest architectural and design trends to the projects of its clients Rahim, and the entire team of Dioptase Natural Surfaces, strives to support every customer in the renovation process - from concept initial purchase of the product at installation.

Our experience allows us to simplify the details and the process so that you are comfortable to undertake any major project knowing that your remodeling or renovation investment is a good idea. Dioptase Natural Surfaces is a trusted name in Greater Montreal, and across the country, for contractors, builders, designers, architects and homeowners who are looking for the best quality products to achieve the elegant and modern luxurious look