Dioptase granite countertops are the best choice for your kitchen or bathroom. Dioptase offers you more than 400 choices in top quality granite (Naturock, Prestal, Rus Granite, DC), antibacterial, easy-to-clean granite countertop fits all kitchen styles.
Dioptase Natural Surfaces is a leader in the Greater Montreal area for granite surfaces. Exotic or classic colors, Dioptase® granite has an appearance that will satisfy all tastes and desires, different finishes and thicknesses to suit the style of your kitchen. Dioptase offers a limited warranty on installation and sealant.
Granite is polished and requires regular application of sealant at a frequency that depends on the color. Granite surfaces are ideal for a wide range of interior and exterior applications including: kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, reception and bar counters, floors, wall cladding and furniture, steps and stairs and facades.

Exploitation and manufacturing

Granite quarries have been in operation since about 4000 BC. BC, even before the use of hardened metals. Quarrying methods have changed very little over the centuries, until the development of industrial techniques in the twentieth century. These techniques made it possible to extract large quantities of rocks in a cost-effective manner. Low-compression explosives and motorized methods of exploitation are now used to extract huge blocks of granite near the surface. The granite blocks are then shipped by truck or railroad to a plant where they are sliced to the desired thickness. Each slab is then transformed by automatic equipment to apply the desired finish. Because of the extreme hardness of the granite, most of the processing requires the use of diamond-tipped blades or sludge containing metal abrasives, which significantly increases the production cost of the finished product. However, recent breakthroughs in quarrying and manufacturing processes now allow manufacturers to offer granite products at a price that is equivalent to and sometimes lower than the price of granite-made products.