Dioptase quartz countertops are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Dioptase offers you more than 300 choices of high quality quartz (Radianz, Ceaserstone, MSI), antibacterial, easy to clean, A quartz countertop fits all styles of cooking.
Dioptase Natural Surfaces is a leader in the Greater Montreal area for quartz surfaces. Composed of 93% natural quartz, Radianz® quartz has a trendy appearance, different finishes and thicknesses to suit the style of your kitchen. Dioptase offers a 25-year limited warranty on Quartz
Quartz is polished and requires no sealer. Quartz surfaces are ideal for a wide range of interior applications including: kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, reception and bar counters, floors, wall claddings and furniture. On the other hand, quartz is not suitable for outdoor use

Comparison of natural stone
Reconstituted stone trumps natural stone, including granite and marble, in terms of durability. The quartz manufacturing process creates a non-porous surface that is stronger than natural stone. While you must seal granite countertops every year, quartz does require sealing. Some homeowners prefer uniform coloring across quartz surfaces, while others favor natural variation and random veins in granite, steatite and other authentic minerals.
Care and maintenance
Use water and soap to clean the quartz surfaces. Due to its dense nature, quartz is stain resistant. However, avoid spilling chemicals on the surface, which could damage the finish. Keep drain cleaners, oil soaps, bleach, toilet bowl cleaners, oven cleaners and other alkaline products away from quartz countertops. Although the material is scratch and heat resistant, quartz manufacturers recommend the use of cutting boards and tripods.